Dr. Nurulain Zaveri is the Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and President for Astraea Therapeutics. She is a seasoned pharmaceutical R&D professional and a PhD medicinal chemist by training , with 26 years of experience in Drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and preclinical development of small-molecule therapeutics for CNS therapeutics.

Before her entrepreneurial venture at Astraea Therapeutics which she founded in 2009, Dr. Zaveri was Director of the Drug Discovery Program and Principal Investigator, for 16 years, at Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, CA. She has a track record of creation of new intellectual property (patents) for new chemical entities (NCE), first-in-class therapeutic targets and new indications. Dr. Zaveri is a recognized expert in the field of G-protein coupled receptor-targeted- and ion channel-targeted drug discovery for CNS medications.

Pioneering discoveries from her laboratory have contributed to the knowledge of novel targets for treatment of pain and substance abuse, and are being advanced into medication development as first-in-class drug candidates in Astraea’s pipeline. She is a current federal (NIH) grant-funded Principal Investigator and has over 20 years of independent investigator-initiated drug discovery and development research experience on NIH, DoD and State of CA research grants. She is highly experienced in initiating and maintaining large collaborative drug discovery projects from basic target identification biology to new leads, new intellectual property and drug-candidate identification, and management of diverse scientific and cross-functional teams of organic chemists, medicinal chemists, in vitro pharmacologists, in vivo efficacy and preclinical development.

Dr. Zaveri is a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in recognition of the significant impact of her research to the Pharmaceutical Sciences and medication development. Dr. Zaveri also serves on several NIH grant review committees. Dr. Zaveri is the lead inventor on over 15 patents and has authored over 60 research publications and 9 reviews/book chapters in fields of her research.

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